Pittsburgh Family Spots Pack of Wolves; Doesn’t Attempt to Pet or Ride Them

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Not every tourist to Yellowstone deserves to be described as a “touron” (the combination of the words tourist and moron).

Put Kristie Campbell and her family from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in that camp.

While driving to Old Faithful, the family saw a pack of wolves cross the road and did a lot of things right.

They slowed and eventually stopped the car.

They seemed to know right away that the animals they spotted were wolves, not dogs.

They didn’t get out of the car and try to pet them.

They didn’t try to take them home.

Perhaps most impressively, they shot their video horizontally and not vertically.

Instead they proceeded slowly and acted thrilled that they spotted wolves.

“There’s another one,” one of the family members screamed.

“Oh my God, there’s two, there’s three!,” they yelled over each other.  “There’s the whole pack!”

“There’s six. There’s seven,” they continued like they were auditioning for Sesame Street.

When the last wolf crossed the road, one member of the family (perhaps a wildlife biologist) opined that it looked tired.

“He must have been chasing something,” she said with authority. “He looks tuckered out.”

“That is amazing,” another chimed in.

In short, the tourists acted like responsible visitors and should give us all hope that not all tourists act like Yellowstone National Park is a petting zoo.

Campbell family: You made Pittsburgh, PA look good. You are a credit to your community.

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