Roger Huckfeldt: National Democrats Are No Friends Of Wyoming

Without the Electoral College, a few large cities on the coasts would control virtually everything politically.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

October 13, 20206 min read

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By Roger Huckfeldt, guest columnist
Roger Huckfeldt is a former legislator and retired rancher who lives in Torrington.

History has always been a great teacher for society. I wish I had been a better student back in the day. I know my teachers tried, but at that point in time, I didn’t see the importance or relevance. 

Politics was once the same way for me. I remember growing up knowing one of the greatest governors Wyoming has ever had (Stan Hathaway). Later in life he mentored me during my time in the Legislature. Unfortunately, when I was young I didn’t have any interest in following what was happening all around me.

As I matured and was thrust into what we call adulting, those things became more important. What was happening in the nation’s capitol and that of our state did have an impact on my life. Things I remembered from history classes were repeating themselves. WOW!! The things those teachers said were true. Well, some of them anyhow.

Recently, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced legislation relative to the 25thAmendment. It would set up a commission established by Congress to deal with a president who, in the opinion of the vice president and this commission, was no longer fit to serve as president. 

Immediately, some in the media and on the right came out and accused her of setting the stage to remove a sitting president (much as the extreme left would really like to do). 

I see it a little differently, now that I have experienced history and our political system. In my view, I see this as a “Trojan Horse Plan” all about removing the former Vice President Joe Biden.

Think about this for a moment, words are important to listen to. 

Throughout the campaign, both Biden and his pick for VP, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, have referred to the “Harris-Biden” ticket, or the “Harris Presidency.”  Freudian slip? 

Like I said, words have importance, but events in history do as well. One only has to look at what a person says and has done in the past to see who they really are. Actions are important indicators.

Who are Biden and Harris? The former VP has portrayed himself as the moderate in the Democratic party. Yet when pushed, his record has shown he jumped on the slope with the extremist of the party. Siding with them on removing protections under the Second Amendment, energy, national security and more. Yet sometimes he stays moderate. 

But he sided with those who brought him to the dance when it’s a close vote. Lately we’ve seen more gaffes, confusion and lapses in memory coming out of his mouth. Those are hints we should pay attention to. 

Let’s face it, Joe has lost more than a few of the marbles he once had and the extreme left in his party is ready to seize on that opportunity with this legislation.

Now with this 25th amendment discussion, who is Kamala Harris? How has she voted, why was she picked, what kind of person is she? 

During the Democratic presidential debates, she and her running mate didn’t have kind words about each other, so why was she picked? During Justice Kavanaugh’s hearings her actions said a lot about her.

Her voting record speaks volumes, showing her to be one of the most liberal members of Congress. Then when you listen to and read the things she supports, the red flags come out.

Not just because of my different political views, but what her views would hold for the future of Wyoming, our economy, our freedoms and our way of life.

Balancing power was important to our founding fathers when they formed our nation’s style of government.

From establishing two legislative houses, one (the House) based on population, the other (the Senate) based on equal representation from each of the states.

To the way we elect our president through the Electoral College. Without it, a few large cities on the coasts would control virtually everything politically. 

I don’t think many in the Cowboy State believe those living in Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, New York or Portland should decide what’s best for Wyoming. This balance has given Wyoming’s voters a say in our nation’s capital.

Kamala’s stance on eliminating the Electoral College should be a huge red flag for Wyomingites. Her words and votes concerning everything from oil and gas development, protections for criminals, the Green New Deal, the Second Amendment, are all records in history. 

Hiding inside this “Trojan Horse” of a supposedly moderate presidential candidate, is Kamala Harris. A person who has one of the most liberal voting records in Congress; a record which has been harmful to Wyoming’s economy, freedoms and way of life.

Admittedly this proposed legislation or something similar, probably should have happened 50 years ago when the 25th Amendment to the constitution was ratified, but it wasn’t. 

So, what’s different now, why is it so important 50 years after the fact? The extremists have taken over the moderates in the Democratic Party. Their agenda is clear by the actions they’ve taken and Speaker Pelosi is no longer leading the party, that’s what is different now. 

This legislation is really just a step to remove any objections the former VP might raise about leaving office if he was to be elected. This legislation would make it easy to remove him from the presidency, so those who came into office with him can crawl out of the horse and take over. 

We can look at history to learn lessons from a person’s past, they will repeat themselves. If Biden becomes the next president, he brings hidden inside the façade of a moderate Democrat Kamala Harris, along with many other extremists that are hiding inside this Trojan Horse candidate. Along with their words, promises, actions, behaviors and record. 

I personally don’t see Kamala as one who shares the same vision, values and future for Wyoming’s way of life with those of us who have lived here all our lives take for granted. 

In fact, with her, I’m not certain our way of life and freedoms we enjoy today would continue to exist.

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