Tiny Dog Challenges Gigantic Moose In Pinedale; Ultimately Loses

A giant moose in Pinedale really wasn't that impressed with a little dog who challenged him briefly.

Ellen Fike

October 09, 20202 min read

Moose dog
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

While many wildlife encounters Wyoming can be considered “funny” or “terrifying,” this one could get the award for “most adorable,” at least for the day.

A clip posted to video sharing website Rumble is gaining momentum this week, since it shows the cutest guard dog in Wyoming defending some property from a significantly larger moose in Pinedale.

According to the description, the moose was nosing around the senior center, looking inside the doors and windows, but this wasn’t the moose’s first visit.

“A dog lives with there with a senior citizen,” the description said. “He is so brave, tries to protect his mom and doesn’t get hurt. The moose is walking away very friendly.”

It’s a wonder the moose can even see inside the windows, that’s how tall it is.

“He wants to get inside,” a person behind the camera commented.

Then, the mighty hunter comes charging in at the moose, who looks more confused at the tiny creature than anything else. The moose attempts to sniff the dog, who isn’t having any of this horned animal’s nonsense.

The moose gets the hint, walks away and the dog goes back to its owner, ready to protect another day.

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Ellen Fike