Bull Elk Gores Golfer on Colorado Golf Course; Slices Kidney in Half

Almost just like the movie Happy Gilmore, a golfer was attacked by a wild animal and paid the price.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

October 07, 20202 min read

Elk gore
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

It’s not like the golfer tried to hop on a bull elk like a bronc rider in a rodeo or anything.

Instead, golfer Zak Bornhof, was just out golfing with some buddies in Evergreen, Colorado, when a bull elk decided it didn’t like him and took after him.

Bornhoft, who sadly had no matador skills, was stabbed in the stomach by the unhappy elk and it resulted in his kidney being sliced in half.

If this sounds a lot like Chubbs from the movie Happy Gilmore when he lost multiple fingers in an unfortunate golf experience with an alligator, you’re not alone.

The good news is Bornhoft will survive the incident whereas Chubbs sadly passed on. Although, in all fairness, Chubbs died when he fell out of a window, not because of the alligator attack.

And, it is also important to note that Chubbs reappeared later in the movie with Abraham Lincoln.

Aside from that, doctors told Bornhoft’s wife it could have been boot hill for the golfer had the elk’s aim been a bit more precise.

“The doctor told me three inches either way we wouldn’t be sitting here,” Megan Bornhoft told FOX 31 News in Denver. “He said it would have been better to have been stabbed with a knife because of the dirt on the elk antlers.”

The presence of elk on the course is not a fluke. Although not formal members of the establishment, they frequent the location all the time.

 A wildlife photographer told the TV station she’s captured many close calls and provided photographic proof of golfers and elk co-mingling.

“I think the elk are very predictable at that course. In my opinion I think they should shut down those holes they’re at regularly,” Andi Poland said.

The Parks & Recreation Department told the TV station they are not planning on closing the course because no one else has been gored lately by any of the elk.

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