Bill Sniffin: Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis Proves Campaign Could Not Get Any Stranger

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By Bill Sniffin, publisher

In some ways, we should have seen it coming.

Early this Friday morning, it was announced that President Donald Trump and the first lady have COVID-19.

Our TV literally blared that announcement at 3:45 a.m. today. What news to get at that hour!  My wife Nancy is a light sleeper and likes to have the TV on. I heard the news and rose up. What?  Could this campaign get any crazier?

In 58 years of covering news, I have never covered a candidate like Trump and never covered campaigns like the ones he has conducted. This one had already taken a strange twist with the bitter debate Tuesday night, but now – the virus?

It’s too early to tell, but my prediction is he will come through this bout with COVID-19 just fine.  He is an older man at 74 and is overweight, but his lungs are obviously fine since he never smoked, and his energy level is legendary. He will get the best medical treatment available.

Not sure how he caught it but looking back over this past year, it seems like it may have been almost inevitable.  His refusal to wear a mask and his desire to hold in-person rallies obviously made him vulnerable for catching the disease. 

So, early this morning, as I write this, I think we might be able to make some predictions. Here goes:

First, if he shows few symptoms, it might actually encourage the re-opening of the economy.  If he shows bad symptoms, it could cause just the opposite.

Second, Trump loves his rallies. Despite being quarantined at the White House, I can see him continuing to do them by TV to large enthusiastic crowds.

Third, could he get a sympathetic bounce from this?  His detractors must actually give him a break, you think?  Naw, no way.

Fourth, with a month to go, what else could possible happen to make this campaign even more interesting? 

This election was already close with Biden slightly ahead.  Most pundits expected Trump to close the gap as Nov. 3 approaches, making it a horse race. But to do that, the president would need to continue to do one of his legendary political sprints around the country rallying folks to his cause. Can he do that while quarantined at the White House? And what if he fails to exhibit his normal super-human energy? Lots of big risks right now for the Trump campaign.

Out here in Wyoming, Trump should win easily.

Sorry that this column is full of so many question marks, but wow . . .

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