Brothers Cited For Harassing Bison In Yellowstone

Two brothers have been cited for harassing wildlife and driving off-road while in Yellowstone National Park last week.

Ellen Fike

September 16, 20202 min read

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Two brothers have pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from allegations they harassed wildlife and drove off-road while in Yellowstone National Park last week.

Dallin McAllister, 25, of Utah and Tyler McAllister, 36, of Arizona were charged for disturbing/approaching wildlife and for driving vehicles off-road in the park, according to information from the park provided to Cowboy State Daily.

The brothers were seen driving motorcycles off of the road near Fountain Flats Drive around 5:30 p.m. Friday. In videos posted to Facebook, the brothers can be seen driving their motorcycles near a herd of bison.

The brothers began to rev their engines and drive near the herd, making them run and scatter.

One of the men looks as if he was attempting to touch one of the fleeing animals and a woman behind the camera can be heard yelling at the brothers to leave the wildlife alone.

“Get out of the field! Get out of there!” she cried in the video.

The two pleaded not guilty to the charges on Monday. There will be a court proceeding sometime this fall, but hasn’t been scheduled yet.

This news comes just one month after a woman was attacked by a bison in Custer State Park in South Dakota, where she reportedly got off of her motorcycle and approached a calf.

An adult bison charged the woman, attacked her and ripped her pants off.

An elderly woman was attacked by a bison in Yellowstone in July, as well.

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Ellen Fike