Study: Wyoming’s Favorite Snack Is Doritos

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

A recent study uncovered that Wyoming has a favorite snack — Dorito chips.

However, it wasn’t immediately clear whether Wyomingites preferred nacho cheese, cool ranch or another particular flavor.

Online educational platform Shaw Academy surveyed 4,000 Americans with a Google Survey in August about what snack foods they would like to have while studying or focusing on a task.

More than half of the states, 27, chose the Snickers candy bar as their favorite study snack.

Alaska, Maine, Michigan and New Jersey all had sweet teeth, picking both Snickers and Oreos as their go-to snacks. Oreos were the second-favorite snack, voted as the top choice by 18 states.

Pennsylvania and Washington both chose chips, but Wyoming went specifically for Doritos.

Arizona and Wisconsin preferred more savory snacks, choosing popcorn as their go-to.

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