Liz Cheney on Nancy Pelosi Hair Salon Scandal: “Hairpocrisy!”

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We know U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney is no fan of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and many times will jump at the opportunity to throw a barb her way — and usually they’re pretty funny.

With the controversy erupting over Pelosi going to a hair salon when all hair salons are closed in San Francisco, Cheney jumped again.

You don’t need to be longwinded to make a point and Cheney wasn’t.

“Hairpocrisy!” Cheney tweeted along with the hashtags “PelosiBlowout#.”

Cheney wasn’t alone in the criticism. President Trump joined the chorus of condemnation on Thursday afternoon when he chided Pelosi twice (so far).

Of course, like anything in the social media world, if you agree with the individual’s statement, you think it’s great.  If you disagree, it’s an anathema, an absolute disgrace, and a misuse of time.

Commenters didn’t disappoint.  Those who supported Cheney’s statement, said so.

“So it’s the hair stylists fault that the Congresswoman didn’t know the law? Really? The arrogance…,” said one Tweeter referencing Pelosi’s claim that she was set up.

Those who didn’t support Cheney’s tweet said so too.

“Great use of your energy,” said one disgruntled respondent.

“Liz never fails to disappoint with her insightful and intelligent perspective on the very crucial issues that impact all Americans,” said another.

Whether you agree or disagree with Cheney, her Twitter account is fun to follow.

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