Press Release: Wyo GOP at National Convention

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CHARLOTTE – With the country navigating uncharted territory six Wyomingites, elected in May by their peers at the Wyoming Republican Party Convention, flew to Charlotte, North Carolina to represent the Cowboy State at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Chairman Frank Eathorne (Converse County), National Committeeman Corey Steinmetz (Goshen County), National Committeewoman Marti Halverson (Lincoln County), National Committeewoman-elect Harriet Hageman (Laramie County), At-large Delegate Cheri Steinmetz (Goshen County) and County Delegate Taylor Allred (Lincoln County), were proud to announce Wyoming’s unanimous support for President Donald Trump.

Wyoming elected 29 delegates and 26 alternates to attend the Republican National Convention, but due to COVID orders only six delegates from each state and territory were permitted to attend the events in Charlotte. Many other Delegates and Alternates rallied and cheered the livestream over breakfast from the Holiday Inn in Riverton, WY.

Retiring National Committeewoman, Marti Halverson has represented Wyoming at 5 National Conventions and described some of the aspects that set this year’s apart, “The Charlotte Westin was very welcoming – champagne on check-in (soothing the injury and insult of the brain swab in the parking lot) – having re-opened just for the RNC and scheduled to close again after we left. No room service, no maid service – we were roughing it! Word in Charlotte was that North Carolina will reopen next April.”

Halverson further described the desolation in the Democrat-run city, “RNC staff had their work cut out for them in enforcing the mandatory mask requirement, reminding us that NC Governor Cooper was looking for the smallest excuse to pull the plug on the whole shebang and shut us down. The city was in total COVID shut down. It looked post-apocalyptic as we walked through the city.”

Chairman Eathorne described similar sentiment on the shuttered city, “The streets and sidewalks are vacant. Block after block of businesses are empty. First floor windows are boarded up. The search for ground transportation and an open business to dine, shop, and explore seem unnecessarily difficult in cities that have so much to offer.”

He explained this only solidifies his backing of Trump, “These realities underscore the need to support our current team in the White House. Everything our American civilization was built upon is hanging in the balance of this election. This administration understands how to govern Of, For, and By the People. They’ve proven it by building the strongest economy this nation has ever seen.”

RNC Rules mandate a “convention” to nominate candidates for president and vice-president, and that was the only business of the gathering in Charlotte.

Each state voiced their unanimous and resolute support for Donald Trump. There was no Platform Committee meeting thus the 2016 Platform will stand for four more years. “I am happy about this, having been part of the group in 2016 that passed the most conservative platform the party had ever developed.” Halverson stated.

Eathorne said, “It was an honor to travel, meet, and participate in the official business of the Republican Party to nominate Donald J Trump and Michael Pence as President and Vice-President of the United States for the 2020 election. Covid protocols were a bit over-the-top and at times an extreme nuisance. However, the commitment level to overcome and complete the critical business of nominating remained high from start to finish.”

President Trump delivered a riveting and encompassing speech to a cheering crowd and the nation in acceptance of his second nomination for the highest office in the land. After his speech at the White House angry protestors attempted to spoil the evening. “The featured speaker and the enthusiastic crowd FAR outshined the uncomfortable weather in DC. Not even the angry paid protestors outside the perimeter of the White House lawn could depress the mood of this historic event.” Eathorne stated.

Capping off a week that began in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 21st, The Republican National Committee Convention culminated August 27th in Washington D.C. Eathorne concluded by enthusiastically stating, “The Wyoming Republican party puts it’s full force behind the reelection of President Donald J Trump!”