Who Is The U.W. Grad That President Trump Naturalized on Tuesday Night?

A University of Wyoming graduate was one of five people that became a naturalized citizen by President Donald Trump this week during the Republican National Convention.

Ellen Fike

August 27, 20202 min read

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If you were watching the naturalization ceremony at the White House during the Republican convention on Tuesday night, you might have taken note that President Trump mentioned that one of the new citizens went to the University of Wyoming.

That led us to wonder: who is she?

We contacted the University and they told us that Neimat Awadelseid, of the Sudan, graduated from the university with a Ph.D. in animal science in 1995. Awadelseid now lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Awadelseid was one of three women and two men to take the oath of citizenship in a ceremony presided over by Trump at the White House on Tuesday afternoon.

Once they were done, the president welcomed all five of the new citizens to the “greatest country on the face of God’s Earth.” He also told them how much he and the other officials appreciated having them there.

“It is an honor for me to be your president, thank you very much,” he told the group.

Awadelseid has been a permanent U.S. citizen since 2012, according to Trump, who also complimented her “beautiful” name. She is married with three children.

She is also a trained veterinarian and has worked as a substitute teacher in Alexandria, Virginia, since 2004.

The president also complimented Wyoming when reading off Awadelseid’s achievements.

“Great place, great state,” he said.

To watch the part of the ceremony where Awadelseid is featured, fast-forward to 6:30.

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Ellen Fike