Three Bears Crash Into House; Steal Peaches and Chocolate

Three bears entered a Red Lodge, Montana house earlier this week and dined on peaches and chocolate before the owner asked them to leave.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

August 26, 20203 min read

Bear peaches
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

When you live in bear country, you might have bears for visitors.

That’s what happened to the Redfoot family earlier this week in Red Lodge, Montana. 

Three bears — a mama black bear with two cubs — entered the house through a screen window and began to dine on peaches and chocolate.

Although some people (namely us) would run out of the house screaming our heads off, the visitors didn’t daunt Kathy Redfoot.

She told the rude visitors to leave.

“I came out of the bedroom to find Kathy chasing them back out of the window. They were no match for my Momma Bear!” Don Redfoot posted on his Facebook page.

The corresponding photo shows his wife taking a stand against one of the bears in the disheveled (thanks to the bears) kitchen.

In a situation like that when your wife is going mano a mano against a bear, why take a photo?

She told the Billings Gazette that she asked him to although he apparently didn’t understand his wife’s direction.

“I meant of the cubs, not me,” she told the newspaper. “Don is always taking pictures.”

She said her first instinct was to call the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department for advice but ended up just kicking them out of her house instead.

So she clapped and yelled at the bears until they felt unwelcome and it apparently worked.

“[The bear] never appeared threatening or fierce,” she said of the mama bear. “It appeared nonchalant and not too concerned about me.”

The bears continued to not be concerned about the Redfoots as they came back by the house the following day.

“Unfortunately, having been rewarded for their efforts last night, the momma bear and her cubs were back for more this afternoon,” Don Redfoot posted

“The momma had moved to an area where I couldn’t get a shot out of our front windows, but the cubs were right by our front door playing with the “Deer Out” spray bottle that Kathy Kenyon keeps by the flower box. Perhaps, that accounts for the look on their faces like they had a bad taste in their mouths. Be bear aware folks!” he said.

The bears came back again, by the way. But this time just to play with some stuffed animals outside of their house.

“I have to say that they are much cuter in this video than they were in our kitchen a couple of nights ago!!!” Don Redfoot said of the three-minute video he posted.
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