UW Survey: Gordon’s Approval Rating For Coronavirus Handling Better Than Trump’s

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By Jim Angell, Cowboy State Daily

Gov. Mark Gordon’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Wyoming has higher approval ratings than those of President Donald Trump, Congress or local officials among those questioned for a University of Wyoming survey.

The survey of 503 Wyoming residents by the university’s Survey and Analysis Center found that 19.1% of those questioned on Aug. 10 strongly approved of the way Gordon has handled the pandemic, while 49.9% somewhat approve of the job he has done.

That means Gordon has an approval rating of 69% compared to Trump’s approval rating of 51.8%. 

Slightly more people gave Trump a “strongly approve” rating than gave Gordon the same rating — 22% — but the number of people who “somewhat approve” of his job — 29.8% — was below Gordon’s numbers.

But the number who strongly or somewhat disapprove of Trump’s performance was 45% — compared to Gordon’s 28.5%.

The actions of local governments and health officials were “strongly approved” by 15.6% of those questioned for the survey, while 50.1% said they “somewhat approve” of local handling of the pandemic.

Only 2% of those questioned “strongly approve” of the job Congress is doing and only 15.5% “somewhat approve.”

However, more than 75% of those questioned either somewhat or strongly disapprove of the job Congress is doing.

The survey is the latest conducted by the center focusing on public opinions on issues related to the coronavirus. The people surveyed are randomly selected from the center’s “WyoSpeaks” panel, a group of people who have agreed to be surveyed on a regular basis.

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