Parents Accidentally Abandon Child On Interstate 80

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It was kind of like the movie “Home Alone.”

The parents think all of the children are on board for a vacation until they find out that their youngest was left home, well, alone.

Similar situation for a Rock Springs couple over the weekend.

The parents of a 9-year-old were driving in separate vehicles when one of them experienced a flat-tire.

They fixed the tire, got back in their vehicles, and took-off.

Only problem was, each parent thought the child was with the other parent. Instead, he was left out on Interstate 80 by himself.

If it were like movies, the “wet bandits” would have attempted to pick him up before getting blowtorched or hit in the face with an iron.

Instead, the Wyoming Highway Patrol reported a passing motorist saw the child, picked him up, and took him to the Green River Police Department.

“Troopers were able to safely reunite the child with his family after determining there were no underlying suspicious circumstances,” the Highway Patrol said in a release.

“Thanks to the combined efforts of the Green River Police Department, responding troopers, and the act of the good Samaritans who stopped when they saw the young boy on the side of the road, this situation ended well,” they said.

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