2020 Continues: Idaho Police Department Wrangles Escaped Alligator

While Wyoming and the Greater Yellowstone Area is dealing with a record number of grizzly bear attacks, Idaho has alligators.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

August 06, 20202 min read

Escape alligator

Perhaps this news story shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s 2020.

Here in Wyoming and the Greater Yellowstone Area, we’re dealing with a record-high number of grizzly bear attacks.

So, throw in an alligator on the loose in Idaho. Why not?

The Nampa, Idaho, Police Department was called on Tuesday night to help deal with a 6-foot modern-day dinosaur who somehow found his way to the potato state.

Officers were surprised by the call, pointing out on their Facebook page that they lived in “Nampa, Idaho not Tampa, FLORIDA”.

Reports are that the Idaho Game & Fish Department was first on the scene and reached out to the local PD for some help “wrangling” it.

“We sometimes herd cows, horses, occasionally deal with deer and even a moose last year…but a 6’ alligator? In Nampa? Pretty sure this was a first,” the police department wrote.

“We don’t have details about this critter, or really how it ended up where it ended up, but it’s been wrangled and it’s secure now,” they said.

The department thanked the Idaho Fish & Game department for “knowing what to do”.

The Idaho police department tagged their colleagues in Tampa, Florida but there’s been no response yet. Perhaps the Florida PD is too busy wrangling grizzly bears.

In case you are wondering, alligators are not native to Idaho. They are found in the southeastern part of the United States including: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

But who knows, this is 2020, maybe they’re on the move.  After all, some confirmed sightings of alligators were reported in west Tennessee two years ago.

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Annaliese Wiederspahn

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