Grizzly Attack Victim Videos His Exposed Bones Immediately After Bear Encounter “Just In Case He Didn’t Survive”

A Montana man who was attacked by a grizzly had his wife video his exposed bones immediately after the attack in case he didn't survive.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

July 30, 20202 min read

Bear attack photo
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

It’s one thing to get attacked by a grizzly bear but it’s another to get attacked by a grizzly bear and then start videoing yourself to document the visible bones following the encounter.

That’s what Shannun Rammel did following his grizzly bear experience up in Choteau, Montana.

After his story made headlines earlier this week, a Montana TV station went to the hospital to talk to him about the experience.

It was during the conversation that Rammel showed the reporter the video he made immediately after the attack.

“You can see my bones and my tendons,” he said to his wife who was acting as the cameraperson. “He ripped into me pretty good there.”

He told the reporter that it was important to document the experience in case he didn’t survive the attack.

Rammel was he was in shock after the attack but he appeared quite matter-of-fact during the video conversation with his wife only minutes after the experience.

“We have problems with grizzlies up by my house and I just got attacked by one,” he said looking into the camera.

Rammel had been alerted by a neighbor that a grizzly was in the area and when he went to check an abandoned shed, the attack was immediate.

As soon as he opened the door, the bear lunged.

“I looked to the left and all of a sudden I heard a roar and he came flying out of there right off the bat,” he said.

“I remember rolling to my belly and he jumped on my back and bit me with full force trying to rip off my shoulder,” Rammel said.

His wife told the TV station that when she saw her husband “getting thrown like a rag doll,” she came up with the idea of running over the bear in their truck.

“So when I punched the truck, he stopped and looked at me, dead straight in my eyes,” Jammie Rammel said. “He got off Shannun and turned around and got out of there,” she said.

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