Wyoming Family Receives Replacement Handicap Van After Theirs Was Stolen in Denver

Cowboy Skill Games of Wyoming presented a replacement van to Sheridan family who was stranded in Denver after their van was stolen while their special-needs toddler was undergoing medical treatment.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

July 25, 20203 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A Wyoming family that had their handicap-accessible van stolen in Denver while their two-year-old special-needs son was receiving critical medical treatment received a replacement vehicle on Friday thanks to Cowboy Skill Games of Wyoming.

Cowboy Skill Games, an organization comprised of amusement and coin-op vending companies in Wyoming, presented the vehicle to Ira and Yvonne Fischer at their house on Friday afternoon in Sheridan.

Leslie George, co-owner of Wyoming Amusement in Sheridan, said she was heartbroken when she heard about the plight of the Fischer family who were left stranded in Denver.

George said she immediately called her colleagues at Cowboy Skill Games in order to raise money to buy a replacement vehicle.

“We just had to step up and do something for this dear family,” George said.  “But that’s what we do in Wyoming. We help each other.”

The Fischer’s two-year-old son, Lane, has Down syndrome and requires surgeries and other medical treatment numerous times per year in Denver.

“It is heartbreaking that someone would even think to take, even if it wasn’t his, any handicapped vehicle,” Yvonne Fischer told Denver TV station KMGH. “I just don’t understand.”

Through the help of the AutoFarm Castle Rock car dealership in Evanston, Wyoming, George was able to find an already-upgraded handicap accessible van in Indianapolis.

Another Wyoming car dealership Midway Auto & RV – Worland volunteered to fly-out to Indiana to drive back the van to Wyoming.

Yet another Wyoming car dealership, Fremont Motors in Sheridan, then offered to pay for a year’s worth of Fremont Care service maintenance.

George said the gift to the Fischer family is emblematic of what the companies of Cowboy Skill Games do.

“We’re a tight group of Wyoming families who have been here for a long, long time,” George said. “We love Wyoming and our Wyoming people.”

Yvonne Fischer said he was stunned when George called and told him about the gift.

““We were shocked. I couldn’t believe it,” Fischer said. “Thank you Cowboy Skill Games from all of our family. We are just so thankful that we can get both of our twins safely to our weekly doctors’ appointments.” 

Cowboy Skill Games of Wyoming is a group of Wyoming-based amusement and coin-op vending companies who offer legal skill games to restaurants and bars across the state.

These legal skill games have breathed new life into neighborhood bars, taverns, clubs, VFWs, American Legions, and other fraternal organizations across the State of Wyoming.

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