Gordon: Wyoming’s Public Health Orders To Remain In Place Until At Least July 31

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By Jim Angell, Cowboy State Daily

Public health orders in place to slow the spread of coronavirus will be left in place until at least July 31, Gov. Mark Gordon announced Monday.

Gordon, in a news release, said given recent increases in the number of coronavirus cases seen in the state, he believes the restrictions should remain in place.

“I’m disappointed again that we continue to see case numbers rise,” he said. “Wyoming residents only need to look at what Texas, Florida and Arizona are experiencing to see how much damage being careless, not wearing a mask and failing to social distance can cause to our state’s economy, our citizens’ health and our healthcare system.”

The orders in place limit public gatherings inside a building to 50 people or fewer and events held outside to 250 people or fewer, with proper social distancing to be observed.

Restaurants will continue to operate under the rules that the make sure tables are placed at least 6 feet apart, that staff working with members of the public wear masks and that businesses are sanitized regularly.

The measures had been set to expire or be amended on Wednesday, but Gordon said in the past two weeks, the state has had an average daily increase in laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases of 27. Hospitalizations due to the illness have grown to 17.

Gordon said the number of coronavirus tests showing positive results remains at 2.9%, well below the national average.

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