Does Wyoming Have the Best-Looking State Trooper Vehicle?

A nationwide competition is underway to determine what state trooper vehicle is the best looking.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

July 14, 20202 min read

Wyo cruiser
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

When you get pulled-over for speeding on the highway, is your first reaction: “What a beautiful car that officer has?”

If so, now is the time to vote for the Wyoming Highway Patrol in the American Association of State Troopers “Best Looking Cruiser Contest.”

To be honest, when we’ve been pulled over, the beauty of the car behind us with its flashing lights on hasn’t been our first thought.

But since this contest is underway, why not be supportive of the women and men of law enforcement who help keep our state safe?

The WHP cruiser is a good looking vehicle.  Especially if you’re not in the back seat.

In looking at the Wyoming Highway Patrol’s Facebook page, where the patrol asked people to cast a vote for its cruisers, commenters offer mixed reviews.

Some people like the vehicles in Ohio. Others like Alaska’s. South Dakota’s is popular. 

Of course, each state tried to outdo the other by parking its vehicle in an area surrounded by the natural or manmade beauty of the state.  

And some states were so lacking in surrounding beauty they had to photoshop the imagery to make it look better.

Of course, the Wyoming Highway Patrol didn’t do that because, obviously, it didn’t need to. 

If you have an interest in voting for the best-looking cruiser, here’s the link:  Go Wyo!

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Annaliese Wiederspahn

State Political Reporter