Motley Cruë’s Nikki Sixx Loves Wyoming

Motley Cruë bassist Nikki Sixx shared his love for Wyoming on Monday by saying he feels close to God when he's here.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

July 07, 20202 min read

Sixx Tetons scaled

Anyone following Motley Cruë’s bassist Nikki Sixx on Instagram knows how he feels about Wyoming: he loves it.

The rocker and his family, moved out to Teton County over a month ago and it’s pretty close to heaven, he says.

“The 2 places I’ve felt closest to God is in Alaska and Wyoming,” Sixx wrote on his Instagram account on Monday. “Being relocated in Wyoming most of the time, I am feeling reconnected to some new creativity already.”

“Every now and again in life you need to rethink your purpose here. Right now I am here to reset, restart and recreate,” he said.

Sixx said he was spending his time in Teton County writing a book, writing a musical, and looking forward to the Cruë’s next world tour.

“These mountains, the wide open spaces, the people and the wildlife is grounding to me,” Sixx wrote.  “Really excited about the future but no time like the present to look back and reflect. I am not running away from anything, I am running head-on towards something new.”

While posing in a swimming pool with his wife and daughter, Sixx posted the lyrics to the John Denver’s “Song of Wyoming”

Sixx also posted an adorable video of some Dad-time with his baby daughter.

Although there will be plenty of people who don’t consider Teton County part of Wyoming, we’re just happy he’s happy (and contributing to the tax base).

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