Bill Sniffin Best-Selling Coffee Table Books For Sale

Now is your chance to own some of the last remaining copies of these beautiful coffee table books.

Bill Sniffin

July 03, 20202 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Wordsmith Bill Sniffin offers up his own very special view of Wyoming in his best-selling trilogy of books celebrating the rugged beauty of the state. Now is your chance to own some of the last remaining copies of these beautiful coffee table books.

After selling more than 34,000 individual copies, “Wyoming’s 7 Greatest Natural Wonders,” “Wyoming at 125, Our Place in the West” and “My Wyoming: 101 Special Places” make up the best selling trilogy of its type in Wyoming History.

Wyoming’s 7 Greatest Natural Wonders features photos and stories of the seven great wonders plus many more wonderful sites and sights in the Cowboy State. 

Wyoming at 125, Our Place in the West is the official state book to celebrate the Cowboy State’s 125th anniversary, published in 2015. It is crammed full of historical photos starting with dinosaurs and the Yellowstone Super volcano up to the 2015 celebration of this big event.

My Wyoming: 101 Special Places is crammed with wonderful, scenic and panoramic photos of 101 special places.

All available right now from!

We also have special programs for realtors and car dealers who want to use the books as premiums for new listings or car purchases.

These books can also be customized with stickers promoting Wyoming businesses and then given out in bulk — an approach used by many businesses in the Cowboy State.

Contact Bill Sniffin at about using the books as promotional items. 

Act today before these wonderful books are sold out.  They make wonderful keepsakes and gifts.  

If you love Wyoming, you’ll love these books!

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