Cheyenne Named One of the Best Cities to Live-In After the Pandemic

Cheyenne was recently named one of the best cities to live in after the coronavirus, Business Insider reported.

Ellen Fike

June 12, 20201 min read

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Cheyenne was recently named one of the best cities to live in after the coronavirus pandemic by Business Insider.

Business Insider ranked Cheyenne 20th of the 30 best cities to live in after the pandemic, between Ithaca, New York and Syracuse, New York.

“Among the metro areas, Cheyenne has the shortest weekly commute to and from work, at two hours and 28 minutes, and the 18th-lowest population density, at 37.1 people per square mile,” the entry about Cheyenne read.

Business Insider compiled the list after recent polling suggested many Americans were considering moving to less densely populated places.

The publication’s ranking took into account conditions in nine areas, including a city’s pre-coronavirus unemployment rate, population density, housing affordability and total weekly commute time.

Research found less densely populated places with a larger share of jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher were more likely to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic.

Springfield, Illinois, was ranked as the best place to move after the pandemic, based largely on its low unemployment rate and the fact that more than 40% of jobs could be handled remotely from the city.

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Ellen Fike