Joe Kenney: Hey Gov — It’s Time To Let ‘Er Rip

Would somebody please explain to me why I can get a tattoo on Friday but cant show it off at church on Sunday?

Joe Kenney

May 19, 20204 min read

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We are finally seeing some relaxation of the closures that have devastated our economy. And the change in the attitude of Wyoming citizens has been remarkable!

 I supported President Trump’s decision to close our country to travelers from China because that is where the Corona Virus originated.  The closure to travelers from Europe and Great Britain and the closure of the borders also helped stop the spread. 

However, I think the President had some very faulty advice beyond that decision.  More than two and a half million deaths were forecasted; bodies stacked up like cordwood, hospitals overrun.  The so-called “experts” blew it. 

They insisted that the country needed to be shut down to stop the spread of the flu from China and in the process killed nearly 35 million jobs.  Many of which are gone forever because businesses have failed due to the closure.  There have been thousands of suicides directly linked to this shutdown.  

And, have you noticed that everyone who advocated that virtually all businesses be closed never missed a paycheck? And, who decided what was an essential job and what was unessential job?   

Why can Walmart and other Big Box stores be open with 300 or more people in the store, when a small business that sells products that are also available at Walmart had to close? 

These rocket surgeons never sweated making a payroll and never missed having their insurance paid by taxpayers.  No, it has been business as usual for these people and they still keep making lousy decisions and predictions and getting paid for it. 

Some governors are even suggesting that they won’t start allowing some relaxation of restrictions until mid-July.  The experts sure are squealing about some states relaxing restrictions.  And, I believe that the Corona Virus Supporters would sacrifice our economy, our way of life, and our nation just to defeat President Trump.

And now, Nancy Pelosi is suggesting another 3 trillion dollar Democrat wish list supposedly to help states and businesses.  As usual, it contains more gifts for pet projects and organizations like another $20 million for the arts.

This plan is designed to buy votes and to continue to trample our Constitutional rights, and to see just how much crap Americans are willing to take at the hands of bureaucrats.

Instead of the Nation borrowing another three trillion dollars I would like to suggest that businesses be given an opportunity to write off their losses due to the Corona shutdown in the form of a tax credit. 

Compare the 2019 sales figures with the 2020 figures and afford the businesses the opportunity to take a tax credit for the next two years to recover their losses. 

I would also suggest that the income taxes owed on the 15th of July be forgiven to help cover the costs business owners have incurred in meeting requirements for reopening their businesses due to the Chinese flu.

Recently Colorado and several other states have refigured their Corona fatalities by determining if the patients died directly of the Corona virus or if they died with the Corona virus.  There is a difference. 

Every death in Wyoming, there are now ten, was a death with the flu.  Every person in Wyoming who has died had serious underlying health problems.  Colorado removed more than 230 deaths from their list, Wyoming could remove ten.

Governor Coumo of New York has gone the other way, counting deaths at home, deaths of homeless, just about anybody that didn’t die in a car wreck or from a gunshot.  Why?  Follow the money. 

New York is even going to benefit from the 5,600 residents of nursing homes who died because that creep ordered patients with known Corona virus into those nursing homes that are filled with health or age compromised people.

It’s time to quit just accepting the unreasonable restrictions that government has handed down. 

There is a constitution and there is nothing in it that says government has the right or responsibility to crush the economy, the lives, the businesses, and the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. 

We are pretty lucky in Wyoming.  Governor Gordon has been pretty reasonable and has allowed businesses to slowly open, but would somebody please explain to me why I can get a tattoo on Friday but can’t show it off at church on Sunday? 

Governor:  It’s time to just let ‘er rip.  Let Wyoming get back to business, now..

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Joe Kenney