Opinion: The USA Recovery Is Delayed By Bad Results Of Good Intentions

Fand Dr. Birx have spent their adult lives in the warm embrace of Uncle Sam and the thought of that financial security fading simply has no meaning to them.

May 04, 20205 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

By Rusty Rogers

SARATOGA – To put it as succinctly as possible, good intentions will delay any recovery. Part of the second relief bill was additional unemployment. It’s $600 per week. If Wyoming is sending you a check for $415 a week and you get an additional $600, suddenly you are taking home over $1,000 per week. Why on earth would you go back to your $15-an-hour job?

At least until the end of July. That’s how long the extra cash lasts. Like I said– good intentions. All of the relief bills stem from the desire to help people. At least on the Republican side; the Dems just seem to want to change America into Venezuela and assume total power over we the people.

Good intentions pave the road to hell and that’s what we are going to have because of those good intentions. If you are an employer who had to lay off your people and can’t get them to come back, the only option you may have is to offer the job and stop their compensation if they refuse. The only thing this might cause is a certain amount of hatred from the returning employees.

The good doctors Fauci and Birx are scientists who have done their work, spent their bureaucratic careers in the darkness of obscurity. Then wham! The Chinese sent them a gift, the chance to be at the forefront of everything in the government.

It’s power they had only dreamed of. It’s out in front of the cameras and all of America.

And boy did they use that power. Oh, they didn’t try to take over or anything like that; in fact, they acted with only the best of intentions. They problem is, they didn’t spend a lot of time considering the risk of unintended consequences. We got a boat load of them.

Economic destruction on an epic scale. I find it interesting to watch Dr. Fauci when talking about the economy. It’s clear he has no understanding of the subject; in fact, he admits it. Problem is, beyond not understanding the economy, he really doesn’t care about it.

He and Dr. Birx have spent their adult lives in the warm embrace of Uncle Sam and the thought of that financial security fading simply has no meaning to them. It cannot be conceived of in their world; it just couldn’t happen. As a consequence, they seem incapable of realizing what a serious problem it is for all of the people who pay the taxes.

I’m going to slide sideways for a moment and explain why it is that government employees don’t pay taxes. Pretty simple, really. Their paycheck comes entirely from the pool of tax money paid by the private sector. So every dime withheld for taxes is not a payment but a refund; a repayment, maybe. Their sales tax, gas tax… all of it is just returning to the tax pool; some of what they were paid out of it.

Another person that doesn’t understand where money comes from and that the government doesn’t have any, is AOC. Now, if I were politically correct, I would either leave the subject alone or be kind, just like the southern “bless her heart.” Thankfully, I am not politically correct. AOC has only one excuse for her ignorance. She’s dumber than a sack of hammers. And she does not have good intentions.

That lack of knowledge and empathy on the part of the good doctors are going to end up costing America and the world trillions and set back the society about two years. I wonder also if they ever think about those people who were not allowed to get their chemo, their biopsies or their scans. They now avoid hospitals no matter how they feel, out of needless fear.

What bout the doctors, nurses, orderlies, technicians who are losing their jobs because the hospitals are empty? They acted on the information they had at the time but their advice was wrong on so many points. Staying indoors with only your family is bad, oh so bad.

We all know that President Trump suspended support of the World Health Organization. It was their advice we took; in fact, the world followed the advice except for Sweden. They did what a lot of people, including yours truly, thought we should have done. Well, now the WHO has turned 180 degrees and now says Sweden was right!

Did the WHO act in the beginning with good intentions? I would like to think so. That they, as well as our leaders, acted on false information spread by the CCP. (Chinese Communist Party). So why would they suddenly reverse their advice? Perhaps they are finally ready to admit they were wrong, or perhaps they have found a way to attack Trump.

It would not be surprising to see the left use this whole fiasco to try to stop Trump. Everything else failed, so why not, right?

I really don’t blame the president. He acted in good faith and with only the people and America in mind. The information he got and the advice with it were bad and wrong. The money we have borrowed from our great-great-grandchildren shames me but without it I doubt we would be able to restart the economy. It’s a bargain with the devil, in a way.

Rusty Rogers a Saratoga native and a lifetime conservative and Constitutional student.

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