25% of Wyoming Stay-At-Home Workers Boozing During Work Hours

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If you are tempted to have a drink or seven two while working at home during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone.

According to a new Alcohol.org study, a full 25% of Wyoming workers who are newly employed-from-home are slamming a few back during the work hours.

The survey polled 3,000 American workers and the drink of choice among work-from-home boozers is beer.

What kind? Sadly, we don’t know. Maybe Blatz or Schlitz Malt Liquor. Perhaps Lowenbrau.

Those with a sense of humor would undoubtedly choose Corona. Or Coors Light.

Does 25% seem high to you? Of our neighboring states only one has a lower percentage of boozers (and it’s not Utah).

Only 22% of South Dakotans are taking advantage of not having a boss around.

Hawaiians flat-out don’t care. A full two-thirds of them are opening up the hatch while working on TPS reports.

The lowest state?  Arkansas with only 8% admitting to honking the hooch.

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