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Wyo Game and Fish: Do Not Travel to Other States For Outdoor Activities

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Wyoming residents are being advised not to visit other states to take part in their outdoor activities.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department on Tuesday issued a news release in which officials said state residents should stay close to home.

“Residents are advised if they choose to go outside to recreate, to do so close to home. Do not travel long distances or go to other states for outdoor activities. Stay local, fill up on gas in your community and bring food and water so that you don’t have to stop at the store,” the release reads.

The department’s announcement came one day after a news story that out-of-state residents had purchased 153 fishing licenses over the weekend.

Tuesday’s news release, which did not specifically address non-residents visiting Wyoming, also advised citizens to stay away from others if they chose to go outdoors.

“Avoid congregating with others in parking lots, public access areas and trailheads. Do not meet up with friends for hunting, fishing or boating; go out with people in your household only,” it said.

“If you arrive somewhere that has a full parking lot – find somewhere else to go,” said Brian Nesvik, director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. “We are dealing with an unprecedented set of conditions, so you must strike a balance between getting outside and avoiding as many people as possible.”

On Monday, a Game and Fish spokesperson said the department has no plans to cancel any hunting or fishing seasons.

“Game and Fish has actually been reaching out to non-residents who have hunting or fishing licenses and we’re actually asking them to stay home,” Game and Fish spokeswoman Sara DiRienzo said. “As of now, we’re not planning to close any of our hunting or fishing seasons, because we recognize that being outside is important to residents’ mental health.”

DiRienzo said Monday that many of the out-of-state fishing licenses purchased over the weekend were license renewals and were handled online.

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