Most Wyoming Coronavirus Cases Found In Those 60 to 69

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While the highest percentage of coronavirus cases on Wyoming are found among those age 60 to 69, cases in those age 40 to 49 are almost as high, according to state figures.

Wyoming Department of Health figures show that as of Thursday morning, 20% of the state’s coronavirus cases are found among those age 60 to 69. If the percentage is applied to Thursday morning’s case count of 150, that means 30 people age 60 to 69 have contracted the virus since it arrived in Wyoming.

However, those age 40 to 49 account for 16% of the cases — 24 — using the case count seen Thursday, while those age 50 to 59 account for 14.7% of the cases.Those age 19 to 39 made up about 22 percent of the cases. Only 2.7% of the coronavirus infections — about four cases — were among those older than 80, while 4.7% of the infections were found among those 18 or younger.Hospitalizations have been required in 13.3% of cases, about 20 people.

Cases continue to occur most often in women at 49.3%, 74 cases, while men accounted for 36 percent of the cases, 54. The Health Department did not specify a sex for the other roughly 15% of the cases.

The statistics can be found at the state Department of Health’s website: