Wyoming Still Last For Social Distancing (But We’ve Gone From an F to an F+)

In the latest report, issued Wednesday, the company said the state gets an F+ for distances traveled by its residents.

Jim Angell

April 01, 20202 min read

Social distance grades
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Wyoming continues to fare poorly in a company’s ranking of how well states are observing “social distancing.”

Unacast, a company that tracks the movement of people using their cell phone signals, continued to rank Wyoming last in the nation for social distancing based on changes in travel habits and visits to non-essential destinations since coronavirus first appeared in the United States in late February.

Last week, the company rated the state last in the nation because on average, the travel distances of Wyoming residents increased by 6% since late February, indicating that people were roaming farther from home.

In the latest report, issued Wednesday, the company said the state still gets an “F” for distances traveled by its residents, even though average travel distances had dropped by 25% as of Saturday. To get a “D,” distances must have declined by 26% to 40%.

The company also factored in the changes seen in the number of trips taken to non-essential locations such as restaurants, department stores and hobby shops.

The company also gave the state an “F” for such trips, saying the number of such trips has declined by 55% from late March.

To earn a “D,” states must reduce such trips by 56% to 60%.

Only one county in Wyoming earned an “A” for its efforts — Teton County with a 70 percent decline in mobility. Six counties received a grade of “F.”

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Jim Angell