Don Day Weather: Snow With Cold Temps Will Make it “Really Nasty”

By our standards, this is not a big spring snow storm. But some snow with the really cold temperatures will make it downright nasty.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

April 01, 20203 min read

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Enjoy the last few hours of spring. Another cold front will be making its way into the Cowboy State.

And this cold front is really cold. Wyoming weatherman Don Day says winter weather is back and part of the state will experience snow and temperatures close to zero.

Watch the video above or read the rushed transcript below.

It is going to be really cold, here. Over the next 48 hours, most of you will experience mild temperatures today, Thursday and Friday will feel like February.

Temperatures will be between 25 and 35 degrees below average.

The next 48 hours will not be fun. Especially for those who feel cooped up and who doesn’t.

You have a little bit of an opportunity for awhile today before the bad weather comes in on Thursday and Friday.

Over the next three days, this is what the precipitation forecast looks like over the intermountain west.

You can see the blue area. The blue area is where we are going to see the heavier snow.

There is a strip that goes southwest to northeast across south central Wyoming through central and east central Wyoming and up to the Black Hills.

This axis — right here — could end up a bit more north or it will probably end up a little more south than the model shows.

It could be more like this as the system sinks in as the really cold Canadian air coming in behind it.

This is what the snowfall output looks like. The heavier snow is underneath the heavier band.

This is probably going to end up a little south. Central and east central Wyoming and along I-80 here is where the bulk of the heavier snow will fall.

Most of this will be snow. It will start off as rain. There will even be south thunderstorm activity in southeastern Wyoming later today as this front approaches.

Be ready for winter weather. By our standards, this is not a big spring snow storm. But some snow with the really cold temperatures will make it downright nasty.

A lot of purple on this map.  This is a very cold air mass for early April.

You’ve seen this before. This is a really big drop in temperatures coming.

Anyone in calving operations, you want to protect livestock for a good 48 hours from this pending cold snap.

These are our overnight temperatures on Friday morning. These are fahrenheit not celsius.

In the grey area, these are single digits to below zero. There is a pocket here in northeastern Wyoming.

Teens, lower 20s. And this is early April. This is a very cold wave coming with Wyoming in the bullseye in the cold temperature readings.  So when you wake up on Friday it won’t feel like April at all.

However, we will see some rebounding temperatures this weekend.

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