Lander Emergency Room Physician: “I’m Afraid We Could Get Overwhelmed”

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Family nurse practitioner Kristy Brown Cardinal at the Lander Medical Clinic posted this note from Sage West Medical Center Emergency Room physician Dr. Tom Rangitsch on her Facebook page today.

“I don’t want to sound like a harbinger of doom. There has been quite enough of that lately and I wish I could focus on the positive. But the situation in my small-town hospital is not rosy.

“We are seeing increasing cases, sick people with bad disease. It’s affecting people who are not old and who do not have underlying illnesses.

“I am really afraid that we could be overwhelmed at some point in the not so distant future. The nurses and the doctors here are doing exceptional work and should be commended for their care and compassion. We are being constantly exposed and we don’t have a deep bench to draw from when we foul out.

“It is very difficult for those who have been affected with loss of employment and the opportunity for social interaction. But we need to try to flatten the curve.

“Please do your part to prevent the spread of this terrible disease. I hope I am wrong and this is just my pessimistic nature looking at the negative side of things. It’s been a rough night for me and maybe I’ll have a better outlook tomorrow.”

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