Furious Barrasso Slams Democrats For Blocking Coronavirus Aid Package

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Anybody who has seen Sen. John Barrasso at a rally knows that he can get fired up to whip a crowd into a frenzy.

Today, he got fired up in a different way — he got angry.

On the Senate floor, Barrasso slammed Democrats for blocking a vote on a $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief package designed to provide economic assistance in the face of business closures forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m a doctor,” Barrasso said. “I’ve been on the phone with doctors across the country, with my colleagues at the Wyoming Medical Center. They are working double-time and through the weekend.

“Day and night, the nurses, the doctors, the health care providers, they need help,” Barrasso said.

This was the second time in as many days the Democrats blocked a key procedural vote needed to move the bill to final consideration. They said the bill didn’t do enough to assist average people and focused too much on corporations.

Barrasso couldn’t have disagreed more with that charge.

“Our colleagues, our friends, our neighbors woke up today not being able to go to work,” he said. “Not knowing if they will have a paycheck, not knowing if they can pay their bills, not knowing if they can feed their families, not knowing if they can get food.”

“And yet we are ready to provide relief. They need it immediately,” he said.

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