Dispatch From Powell: ‘Let’s Look Out For Others, Not Just Ourselves’

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By Tessa Baker, Powell Tribune editorial

 As the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was announced in Wyoming last week, life quickly changed in our small community. Empty store shelves, canceled events, and extra precautions all became a reality here.

While Park County may resemble the rest of America and the world right now amid a growing health crisis, there’s also an opportunity to show what makes our community great: We take care of each other.

Instead of hoarding groceries, rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other essential items, we can look for ways to help our neighbors — even if they’re strangers. 

Not everyone has a stockpile of supplies in their pantry or freezer right now. Some cannot afford to buy weeks’ worth of groceries, let alone enough toilet paper to last until Christmas. 

Others didn’t make it to the store right away, and were alarmed to find the items they needed no longer on shelves. And the most vulnerable populations — the elderly and those with health conditions — are staying home rather than risking going out in public.

That’s where we all have the opportunity to help. Let’s ensure that the shelves at Powell Valley Loaves and Fishes are full, along with other food pantries in the area. 

Let’s look for ways to serve homebound seniors who need help running errands or getting groceries. Let’s check in with neighbors who may be lonely — a simple phone call to see if they need someone to talk to during this uncertain time. 

Let’s find ways to support local restaurants and stores whose sales are dropping — perhaps by purchasing gift cards to use at a later date.

Let’s be willing to look out for others, and not just ourselves.

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