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Sen. Barrasso on Coronavirus: “We Are the Most Prepared Nation in the World”

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Senator John Barrasso said it is likely the U.S. will have more cases of the Coronavirus and additional funding will be needed to deal with it.

Appearing on CNN Wednesday, Barrasso said travel restrictions have helped to keep the virus at bay but spread should be expected.

“There is concern inevitably that there will be more cases in the United States in the near future,” he said. “But we are the most prepared nation in the world to deal with it.”

Barrasso, a physician, said the time to develop, test, and mass distribute a vaccine is lengthy.

“When there is a new virus like this, coming up with any kind of vaccine that will work after it is tested, proven, and then made so there is enough for everyone takes a minimum of a year and more likely a year and a half or two years,” he said.

As for President Trump’s request for over one billion dollars in emergency funding, Barrasso said it was a good starting point.

“I suspect there is going to be more funding needed,” he said. “The initial amount was to bring people back from overseas. We need more funding for testing, treatment, and vaccine development.”

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