Firearms in Private Vehicle Bill Passes Moves Forward

House Bill 78 would allow employees to have firearms in their locked vehicles in their employers parking lots. The firearm would have to be out of site and employers could prohibit firearms from the workplace.

February 22, 20202 min read

Stan blake
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A bill that would let workers carry firearms in their vehicles onto the property of their employers is headed for the House floor.

The House Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee last week approved by a vote of 6-3 House Bill 78 for House debate.

The bill would prohibit employers from making rules to ban weapons in private vehicles on their property. A weapon would have to be out of sight inside a locked vehicle.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Stan Blake, D-Green River, said the bill addresses concerns over the right to carry weapons.

“I had some constituents of mine work at the trona mines,” he said. “They drive out there, 20 miles out of Green River or 40 or 50 miles out of Lyman and tehy’re told you cannot bring your firearm and leave it in your firearm and leave it in yuor car while you’re parked in your employer’s parking lot. I think we have the right to do that.”

The bill would allow schools, colleges, churches and government entities to put policies in place banning firearms from their properties.

The bill is awaiting its first review by the full House. The review must be completed by Tuesday for the bill to move ahead in the legislative process.

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