President Trump Asks Congress to Pass Sen. Barrasso’s Highway Bill

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President Donald Trump recognized U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) on Tuesday night during his State of the Union address.

Trump urged Congress to pass Barrasso’s Highway Infrastructure legislation.

“We must also rebuild America’s infrastructure,” Trump said to a bipartisan standing ovation.

“I ask you to pass Senator John Barrasso’s highway bill to invest in new roads, bridges, and tunnels all across our land,” he said.

Barrasso’s bill would authorize $287 billion over five years for highways, a figure that is a 27% increase over the current authorizations.

“The president spoke loud and clear tonight about putting partisan politics aside to pass a monumental American infrastructure plan,” Barrasso said following the State of the Union. “This is our moment. We passed a bipartisan bill out of my committee. It’s the largest highway infrastructure bill in our history to rebuild our roads, highways, and bridges. Even more important, it cuts red tape so we can build better, smarter, faster, and cheaper.

“Impeachment has been a costly distraction. We should answer the president’s call and the call of American workers, to put the partisan fights behind us, and get this done now.”

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