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Quilting in the spotlight during Green River’s ‘Quilting on the Green’

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By Cowboy State Daily

The centuries-old art of quilting gets its moment in the spotlight this weekend with a show, classes and lectures all dedicated to quilts at Green River’s Expedition Island.

“Quilting on the Green,” a celebration of the art of quilting and the artists who put quilts together, will be held Friday and Saturday, drawing quilters and vendors from throughout the region who will display their works and their wares, said Sue Hermansen, a member of the Quilting on the Green Committee.

“We have people from Colorado who have submitted quilts and we’re going out to Lyman to pick some up this afternoon,” Hermansen said. “I believe I have one from a lady in Utah.”

The celebration, now in its 29th year, features a display of all the quilts submitted for judging. Prizes will be given for first- and second-place finishers in each category.

There will also be a “people’s choice” award and a special award handed out by Green River Mayor Pete Rust.

From 150 to 200 people are expected to visit the display each day to get a look at judging results. The visitors come from all over, Hermansen said.

“We have a couple of women who come from Oregon and Colorado and they meet their sister here to do Quilting on the Green,” she said. “It s a nice way for them to get together.”

Quilting began centuries ago as a way to use up scrap fabric, but the practice evolved into an art form often featuring elaborate patterns, Hermansen said.

“A long time ago, that was how people used up their scrap,” she said. “They didn’t have a lot, so they used scraps, pieces of flour sacks and different things to make quilts.”

Events will begin Friday with the opening of the quilt show at 10 a.m., followed Friday evening by a “trunk show,” where well-known quilters and instructors talk about some of their works. This year’s featured quilter is Marci Baker from Fort Collins, Colorado.

The quilt show will resume on Saturday, when half- and full-day classes on techniques and quilting skills will also be offered.

Vendors from around the region will be on hand both days, Hermansen said, showcasing products including quilting materials, sewing machines and patterns.

Several quilts will also be offered for raffle.

For more information, visit Quilting on the Green’s Facebook page.

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