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In Brief: Gordon welcomes executive order on energy export impacts

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By Cowboy State Daily

A presidential order directing administration officials to study the economic impacts of blocking the export of America’s natural resources is being welcomed by Gov. Mark Gordon.

Gordon, in a news release, said he believes the executive order signed by President Donald Trump on Wednesday will help open coal ports on the West Coast so Wyoming coal can be shipped to Asian markets.

“We are excited for the promise of a new day when Wyoming coal will be better able to compete internationally,” Gordon said. “We have cleaner coal and better technologies that we can marry to remove carbon from the atmosphere.”

Wyoming is involved in a lawsuit against the state of Washington over its refusal to grant a permit for a coal export terminal. Washington officials denied the permit on the grounds that the environment of the area around the terminal would be hurt by its construction and operation.

The executive order requires the secretaries of Energy and Transportation to study and report on the economic impacts caused by such limits on energy resource exports.

Gordon said such a review is needed.

“The states along the West Coast have abused their authority … to unfairly discriminate against Wyoming coal,” he said. “In issuing this executive order, President Trump sets the state to help correct the misapplication of the Clean Water Act act has been used inappropriately by some states to stymie the industries and commerce of others and I commend him for that.”

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