Joint resolution would have Wyoming ask for ‘convention of states’

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By Cowboy State Daily

A joint resolution awaiting a Senate review would have Wyoming join a call for a “convention of states” where amendments to the U.S. Constitution could be recommended.

SJ 4 is on the “General File” list of bills waiting for their first review by the full Senate. It would make Wyoming the 13th state in the nation to issue such a call.

Such a convention would just be a gathering of people suggesting changes to the Constitution to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction and impose term limits on elected officials, according to the organization Convention of States.

The group’s president Mark Meckler said the convention would not be a place where actual changes could be made.

“It’s just a suggesting convention,” he said while visiting Cheyenne. “People go from the states, get together, they have zero authority, all they can do is make suggestions. It takes a majority of the states, 26 states, to make a suggestion. That suggestion goes out to the states for ratification and it takes three-quarters of the states, a super, super majority, to make something a part of the Constitution.”

SJ 4 is one of a number of bills listed on the “General File” awaiting their first review by the full Senate. Any bills on that list not reviewed by the close of business Monday will die for this session.

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