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Dennis Sun: I Don’t Need San Francisco Telling Me How To Invest My Money To Save The Planet

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Wyoming rancher Dennis Sun writes: “I invest my money to make money, as long as it is legal and not harmful. I’m alright with an oil company selling oil or a cow belching, but I don’t need someone from San Francisco telling me how to invest my money to save our planet. They need to clean up their neighborhood first.”

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Dennis Sun: Uh-Oh, The Big Taste Test Between REAL Meat And Imitators

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Columnist Dennis Sun writes: “Among the plant-based burgers, the Impossible Burger ranked high in deliciousness, alongside Bubba Foods’ beef burger. The report said, ‘It’s by far the closest to traditional beef, but it still has a way to go. Where it fell short was the cooked smell, flavor and off-notes, which were more reminiscent of liver than whole muscle beef.’ Well, for those who like liver, that was a slam.”

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Dennis Sun: How About A Loud Cheer For Wyoming’s Most Effective ‘Quiet Man’

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Columnist Dennis Sun writes: What we will really remember Sen. Enzi for is the way he accomplished everything. We hear tributes from the last couple of days describing him as soft spoken and quiet but, his enthusiasm and knowledge of the issues he worked on was above board and infectious.

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Dennis Sun: Dire Thoughts About That Recent ‘Billion Dollar’ Storm

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Columnist Dennis Sun writes: “We really don’t need another storm of this magnitude – whatever happened to a three-day rain? Storms this time of the year, besides helping the soil moisture, spur activity in the cattle and sheep markets – especially in the Great Plains area.”

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