Risky Business: Joy-Riding Teen Rockets Dad’s Orange Porsche Through Gillette, Gets Arrested

It was just like the movie "Risky Business" (but without Guido, the killer pimp or any prostitutes). A 17-year-old boy who drove his dads orange Porsche through Gillette at 100 miles per hour now faces eluding and exhibition of speed citations. No word on if he was grounded.

Clair McFarland

February 07, 20232 min read

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A 17-year-old boy who drove his dad’s orange Porsche through Gillette at 100 miles per hour now faces eluding and exhibition of speed citations, according to the Gillette Police Department.  

The teen reportedly took his dad’s Porsche “for a spin,” reaching speeds of more than 100 miles per hour in 30 mph zones, about 20 minutes after midnight early Saturday morning.   

Police spotted the Porsche rocketing on the South Douglas Highway in Gillette at 80 mph, according to a police statement.  

The statement says officers turned on their overhead lights and tried to get the car to stop, but the teen driver turned onto another street and went even faster, topping 100 mph at one point.  

But police knew who owned the flashy car.  

They contacted a 42-year-old owner at his home, and the man said his son had the car.

The man called the son, the statement reads, and the son drove home, where police ticketed the youth for eluding and for exhibition of speed and acceleration.  

Probably Grounded 

Capt. Kelly Alger of the Gillette Police Department said he does not know if the teen’s dad grounded the 17-year-old after his joyride.  

“I would imagine so,” Alger said.  

Traffic at the late hour was sparse, Alger said, adding that the report of the incident did not indicate there was anyone else in the car, nor that there were other cars involved as in a drag racing scenario.  

Alger said drugs and alcohol also do not appear to be a factor. 

Note: Video has profane language.
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