Ho, Ho, Hold It! Wyoming’s Favorite Christmas Movie Is What?

A recent report by The Associated Press outlining the most popular holiday movies in each state says Wyomings is a horror-comedy called Krampus, prompting many in the Cowboy State to respond, never heard of it.

Wendy Corr

November 29, 20224 min read

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“Krampus” is a 2015 horror-comedy based on a character from ancient European folklore – a fearsome, horned demonic beast who punishes naughty children at Christmastime.

And according to a recent Associated Press story, it’s the most popular Christmas movie in Wyoming.

The Process

The writers took the Rotten Tomatoes list of the 100 best Christmas movies of all time, then filtered down to the top 20, according to the number of online searches. Then Google Trends data was used to determine the states in which people were searching the most for certain Christmas films.

And the results computed for Wyoming?


Not “It’s a Wonderful Life,” not “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and not even “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

‘Never Heard Of It’

However, Wyoming movie-goers strongly debunk the AP’s determination, with many sharing the same reaction: “Kramp-what?”

“Never seen it….barely remember the name of it,” said Barbara Anne Greene from Basin. “Doesn’t seem like the kind of movie that would be a hit in Wyoming.”

“I’ve never even heard of it!” said Marilyn Montville of Cody. “My favorite is the Christmas Story (1983) about Ralphie Parker yearning for a BB gun.”

“I have heard of Krampus but never watched it,” said Cheryl Shaffer, who said she prefers Hallmark Christmas movies. 

A Few Fans

There were a few fans of “Krampus” who piped in, however.

“I love Krampus!” said Betsy Trollinger of Cody. “I watch it every year, LOL.”

Mary Spencer said her husband, Nick, and sister-in-law Stephanie never miss a chance to watch the spooky holiday flick.

“You won’t find Nick in an ugly sweater at Christmas, but he does have (a Krampus) T-shirt,” she said.

“We LOVE Krampus, we own it and watch it together every year,” said Sarah Froehlich of Laramie. “It’s a great movie, and I live with 2 big movie enthusiasts!” 

And there were others who had never heard of the movie but may seek it out after hearing about the report.

“I have never seen this movie but will have to now!!!” said Joann Almlof of Lovell. 

Favorite Christmas Shows

For those who chimed in on Facebook about their favorite holiday films, treasures included “White Christmas” and George C. Scott’s rendition of “A Christmas Carol.”

“It’s a tie between ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘Miracle on 34th Street,’” said Leslie Callahan.

There were a few more modern preferences as well.

“My favorite is ‘Love Actually,’” said Almlof.

“We also watch ‘Christmas Vacation,’ ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ (Jim Carrey version) and ‘Elf’ every year,” said Froehlich.

“I am a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies!” said Janet Haddix. “I’m already watching them.”

“Hallmark puts on some of the best family movies I’ve ever seen!” added Rhonda Lynam.

Top Favorites Around the Country

According to the report, the movies that were favorites in the most states include “Trading Places” (Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania); “The Polar Express” (Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina); “The Grinch” (Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, West Virginia; and “Love Actually” (Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Virginia, District of Columbia).

But for two states – Michigan and Wyoming – the twisted horror comedy “Krampus” takes the top prize.

Ho, ho, ho indeed.

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