Evanston Woman Hospitalized After Being Gored By Buck Outside Of House

A woman from Evanston, Wyoming remains hospitalized after being attacked by a buck outside of her house on Friday. The woman suffered 7 puncture wounds and a broken vertebrae.

Jimmy Orr

October 09, 20222 min read

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A woman from Evanston, Wyoming remains hospitalized after being attacked by a buck outside of her house on Thursday.

KSL radio in Salt Lake City reports Wanda and Daniel Kaynor were exiting the house when they spotted a buck lying down in their driveway.

As their security cam recorded, their little dog did not approve of the visitor and went after the buck.

The buck then went after the dog which escaped under the car.

The woman then went after the buck.

That’s when the ordeal turned into a full-fledged rodeo.

Wanda was holding on to the antlers like a bulldogger but was in front of the animal with no protection.

After being knocked down, she was gored repeatedly. Her husband jumped-in and began wrestling with the animal and tried to drag it away.

Meanwhile, the family’s other dogs circled the buck like rodeo clowns.

In the end, Wanda received seven puncture wounds and a broken vertebrae while her husband Daniel was gored once.

The radio station reported that a UPS driver was in the area and transported Wanda to the hospital where she is expected to stay for about two weeks.


After watching the video, noted Wyoming outdoorsman Paul Ulrich, who was nearly gored himself by a moose years ago, said Daniel Kaynor probably saved his wife’s life.

“That buck wasn’t just going to forgive and forget,” Ulrich told Cowboy State Daily. “He was pissed off and if it wasn’t for Mr. Kaynor, the buck would have continued the fight and the ending would have been far more tragic.”

“The lesson is, don’t piss off anything with antlers,” Ulrich said. “That’s been my motto ever since that incident with the damn moose back in ’98.”

The buck was later put down by Game and Fish officials.

Efforts to contact the Kaynors on Sunday were unsuccessful.

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