Update: Man Stuck In Bottom Of Outhouse For Three Hours Vows Not To Do It Again

A man who got stuck in the bottom of an outhouse for three hours after trying to rescue his phone said the next time this happens, he will just report his phone stolen instead of jumping down an outhouse.

Jimmy Orr

October 08, 20223 min read

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Everyone deserves some time-off. Just to unplug and get off the grid.

A helpful video has been released that can dispel any notions that getting stuck in the bottom of an outhouse is a vacation of sorts.

In August, Cowboy State Daily reported on the unfortunate fate of a man who dropped his smartphone into an outhouse and then jumped down into the commode to retrieve it.

He ended up being stuck there for more than three hours in 90+ degree weather before someone came by and helped him out of it.

To some, three hours by themselves in the middle of nowhere without the distraction of an electronic device may sound wonderful.

But it wasn’t for the man stuck in the bottom of an outhouse.

A new video appearing on Yellowstone: Invasion of the Idiots shows the individuals who helped the man get out of the outhouse and his appreciative comments for their assistance.

“Hey, now we’re getting somewhere buddy,” said one of the helpers as they were unwedging him.

“I’m so f***ing tired,” Outhouse Man said. “Really thanks man.”

“No problem,” said the helper. “It’s a good thing we were here.”

It was then that Outhouse Man had a revelation on what to do if he was ever in the same predicament.

“I can tell you next time, I’m going to f***-ing just report [the phone] stolen,” he said.

The good news is he got his phone to work. The bad news is that there was no service where he was so he couldn’t call for help to get him out.

“I’ve been sitting down here [in the bottom of the outhouse] trying to f***-ing call 911 and you can’t even call 911,” he said.

“Not around here,” said the rescuers.

The actual rescue was not included in the new post however a video of the man walking away from the outhouse with a towel not big enough to cover him completely was included.

Creator of the page Jen Mignard said this wasn’t the most horrible thing since she’s ever seen on the popular page.

“I don’t think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s the grossest. LOL,” Mignard said.

More than one commenter dubbed his departure from the outhouse “the walk of shame.”

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