Brian Laundrie Search Turns Into Circus With Laundrie Lawyer Attacking Dog The Bounty Hunter And John Walsh

The attorney for the family of Brian Laundrie has gone on the defensive this week against two celebrity crime figures who are respectively investigating the case.

Ellen Fike

October 15, 20212 min read

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It was likely bound to happen when two celebrity detectives got involved in a crime investigation that has captured the attention of the nation.

The search for Gabby Petito’s fiancé Brian Laundrie turned into even more of a circus when Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and television host John Walsh became very much of the story as they launched their own investigations into the matter.

The outspoken and brash attorney for Laundrie’s family doesn’t appear to appreciate their involvement and lashed out at the two on Thursday stating that the two crime-solvers are aging attention-seekers who are investigating the case to get publicity for themselves.

“Dusty relics like that Dog and John Walsh need a tragic situation like this so they can clear the cobwebs off their names and give their publicity hungry egos some food,” Steve Bertolino told TMZ on Thursday.

Chapman, never one to back down, fired back at Bertolini suggesting that he prefers Laundrie to remain missing.

“It’s ironic that Mr. Bertolino would criticize the people trying to find Brian Laundrie, unless perhaps he doesn’t want him found,” Chapman said.

Both Chapman and Walsh have been hypercritical of the Laundrie family. Walsh believes Laundrie’s family helped him disappear.

“I absolutely believe that his family is helping him stay on the run,” he said during news special he hosted about Petito’s death.

Although Walsh has ignored Bertolini’s comments (so far), he was outspoken during a press conference held by Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue.

Repeatedly during the news event, Walsh asked the coroner if he thought Laundrie was the killer. Blue never answered the question but Walsh did.

“I think everybody in the world believes that Brian Laundrie killed Gabby,” he said.

Laundrie remains a person of interest in the investigation into the death of Petito, who was found dead in Bridger-Teton National Forest last month.

A warrant has been issued for Laundrie’s arrest by the federal court in Cheyenne. The warrant does not accuse Laundrie of any role in Petito’s death, but accuses of him of unlawfully using a credit card in the days following her disappearance.

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Ellen Fike