Rock Springs: Idiot Gets Arrested Trying to Elude the Police in a Toyota Prius

A spokesperson for the Rock Springs Police Department said it was likely this is the first time someone tried to elude the police in a Prius.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

January 13, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

If there were a criminal’s handbook, you would think there would be a chapter on high-speed chases and the types of vehicles you should avoid when planning on eluding authorities.

If that chapter existed, probably at the top of that list would be a Toyota Prius.

Sadly for Orlando Wilson, who was arrested in Rock Springs on Tuesday, the chapter doesn’t exist.

In what has to be a worldwide rarity (perhaps a Guinness Book of World Records-level rarity), the words “Toyota Prius” and “high speed chase” made the same police report.

And likely to the surprise of absolutely no one, that high speed chase did not end well for the pursued.

According to one of the best police reports of all time, it turns out, the Prius driven by Mr. Wilson ran out of gas while in Rock Springs on Tuesday. 

He called a taxi to deliver him some fuel and after receiving the fuel, he allegedly took off — without paying.

“The Toyota Prius was located by officers traveling at a high rate of speed,” the reports reads. “An attempt was made to conduct a traffic stop but the driver refused to pull over. He continued to elude officers until he drove down a dead-end road at which time he stopped his vehicle and contact was made by officers.”

According to Rock Springs Police Department spokesperson Jennifer Maze, this is likely the first time in Rock Springs history that someone tried to elude the police in a Prius.

Unfortunately for Wilson, the embarrassment of allegedly trying to elude the police in a Prius was just the start of a really bad day.

The Prius he was driving? Stolen. 

That makes you wonder if Wilson was not a complete idiot because who would ever steal a Prius? It could have been a genius move because no one — in their right mind — would ever steal a Prius.

Regardless, Wilson was arrested for: Felony Theft, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police Officers, Possession of Marijuana-Less than 3 Ounces, Interference with a Police Officer, Driving Under Suspension, Failure to Maintain Insurance, and Speeding. 

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