Wyoming’s Favorite Holiday Treat Is Eggnog

According to a recently published, very scientific report, Wyoming's favorite holiday treat is eggnog.

Ellen Fike

December 09, 20202 min read

Egg nog scaled

According to a recently published, very scientific report, Wyoming’s favorite holiday treat is eggnog.

However, we can’t confirm if the preferred eggnog includes bourbon or if people are just out here drinking this weird milk punch plain.

This is all according to career resource website Zippia, which analyzed Google trend results across all 50 states to find each one’s favorite holiday treat. In the event of two (or more) dishes tying for a state, the dessert with the highest search volume was chosen.

Turns out, a lot of states are eating a ton of cheesecake during the holidays. We were not aware cheesecake is a holiday-only treat, and it would seem that there are many more holidays celebrated at our house than we feel comfortable sharing.

Residents in a total of nine states, including Arkansas, Florida and Michigan, are searching for the best cheesecake recipes during the holiday season. However, Wisconsinites seem to be into Andes peppermints this time of year.

Delaware and Vermont are checking out chocolate chip cookies for the holidays, and again, we apparently celebrate a LOT of holidays if these are a holiday-only treat.

To be fair, Wyoming could have chosen a worse treat: fruitcake, which both Carolinas picked as their favorite.

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Ellen Fike