Utah Highway Patrols Pulls Over 5-Year-Old Driving to California to Buy Sports Car

A five-year-old boy from Ogden, Utah was thwarted from driving to California to buy a Lamborghini by the Utah Highway Patrol.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

May 05, 20202 min read

Cop five year old scaled

You really can’t blame him for wanting a sports car.

The problem is, when you are 5 years old, you aren’t allowed to drive.

But that didn’t stop a little boy from Ogden, Utah, who was doing it anyway.

Apparently, the 5-year-old was upset at his mother for not getting him a Lamborghini.

So, he grabbed the keys to his parents’ boring SUV and took off.

He actually made it to freeway — several miles from home.

A Utah Highway Patrol officer clocked him going 32 mph and thought he was looking at an impaired driver.

When the boy pulled over in the far right lane (see dash-cam footage above), the officer went out to question him.

Trooper Rick Morgan told FOX 13 in Salt Lake City that it became clear to him immediately he was dealing with an underage driver.

So, he did what any officer does: asked him where he was driving.  “California,” the boy said.

“He was going to try to get to his sister’s house in California,” Morgan said. “He told another trooper while we were investigating, trying to find the family, that he wanted to buy a Lamborghini when he got there and he showed a wallet, with $3 in it.”

The boy was eventually reunited with his parents. Sadly, his pursuit of a Lamborghini was not successful.

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