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Survey: More Than Half Of Wyomingites Trust Trump’s COVID Leadership

in News/Mark Gordon/Coronavirus

More than half of surveyed Wyomingites approve of the way President Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus pandemic, with 54% strongly or somewhat approving of the way he is handling things.

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Survey: More Than 60% Of Wyomingites Would Support Mask Mandate

in News/Coronavirus/University of Wyoming

Continuing the trend from last month, Wyomingites continue to feel more and more anxious about the spread of the coronavirus as cases tick upwards across the state.

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Wyomingites Still Divided Over Whether COVID Is Real Threat

in News/Coronavirus/University of Wyoming

Wyoming residents surveyed by the University of Wyoming remain divided over whether the coronavirus is a real threat or has been blown out of proportion.

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Survey: Wyoming Residents Feeling More Anxious About COVID

in News/Coronavirus/University of Wyoming

Over one-third of Wyomingites surveyed said they are very or fairly anxious about the spread of the coronavirus in the state, an increase of 7 percentage points from September, but still 4 points less than the Aug. 10 survey.

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Survey: Growing Number Of Wyomingites Not Worried About COVID Spread

in News/Coronavirus/University of Wyoming

While most Wyoming residents questioned for a University of Wyoming poll are concerned about the spread of coronavirus in the state, a growing number are not at all concerned, according to the poll’s results.

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Survey: Wyoming Residents Split On Attitudes Toward COVID

in News/Coronavirus

Wyoming residents surveyed for a University of Wyoming poll are about evenly divided over whether they think coronavirus will continue to be a problem for the state.

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Survey: Half Of Wyomingites Support Mask Mandates, Other Half Doesn’t

in News/Coronavirus/University of Wyoming

Wyoming residents have become increasingly more comfortable with attending outdoor public events and less concerned about the spread of the coronavirus, but are still wearing face coverings inside indoor public places.

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UW Survey: 61% Of Wyomingites Wearing Masks In Public

in News/Coronavirus

A majority, 61%, of surveyed Wyomingites recently said they’ve changed their daily routine by wearing a mask in public due to the coronavirus.

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