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Bill Would Allow Treeing Of Mountain Lions With Dogs Even After Filling Hunting Tags

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Letting Wyoming hunters to keep pursuing mountain lions with hounds, even after they’ve filled their hunting tags, would help keep the hounds well-trained and condition the big cats to avoid people and livestock, say proponents of a bill that would allow it.

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Hogpocalypse Now? Feral Swine In Colorado, Montana Could Bode Badly For Wyoming

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Wildlife officials in both Colorado and Montana are concerned about feral hog infestations in their states. Colorado has already had feral hogs in the southeastern portion of the state and Montana is worried about feral swine moving south from Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Colorado Pack Started By Wyoming Wolves Likely Hasn’t Spawned Second Pack

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“Potential sightings” of wolves in Colorado outside of the North Park pack’s established territory don’t necessarily mean another pack has formed in that state. Meanwhile evidence also suggests that 18 calves found dead weren’t killed by wolves, as initially suspected.

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Be Bear Aware, Grizzlies Can Still Maul You In The Winter

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Biologists are urging outdoors-people to stay “bear aware” in Wyoming as grizzly attacks, although rare, can still happen in the winter. There was a grizzly encounter last month in Fairbanks, Alaska and in late 2018, and woman and her infant were mauled and killed by a male grizzly.

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More Than 500 Endangered Wyoming Black-Footed Ferrets Born At Arizona Zoo

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Wendy Corr, Cowboy State Daily

“Maverick,” “Goose” and “Charlie” are three black-footed ferrets that were just reintroduced to Meeteetse after being a part of a captive breeding program at the Phoenix Zoo. More than 500 ferrets have been born at the facility and then reintroduced to native habitat.

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Chicago Attorney-Turned-Activist Wants Fish & Wildlife Director Fired To Save Wyoming Wolves, Grizzlies

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A retired Chicago tax attorney-turned environmental activist is taking a new strategy to opposing state management of wolves and grizzlies in Wyoming and other Mountain West states – fire the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Colorado Wolves May Have Crossed Border And Then Shot In Wyoming

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Wolf 2202 from the North Park pack. It's the first wolf born and collared in Colorado.

Three subadult female wolves shot in Wyoming just across the border from Colorado highlight stark differences in the states’ laws, where it’s illegal to kill wolves in Colorado but allowed in Wyoming.

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Too Many Wild Horses? Some Legislators Say Wyoming’s ‘Feral’ Horses Population Is Out Of Control

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Wyoming’s wild – or feral – horse population remains essentially uncontrolled, some legislators said. Meanwhile, the state’s Native American tribes could set an example in horse management, a wildlife advocate said Tuesday.

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Wyoming Hero: College Wrestler Jumps On Grizzly To Save Friend

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Kendall Cummings (right) jumped on a grizzly bear in an attempt to pull it off his friend.

“I could hear when his teeth would hit my skull,” Kendall Cummings told Cowboy State Daily on Monday. Kendall tried to physically pull a grizzly off his teammate Brady Lowry on Saturday and paid dearly for it. Lowry says his friend saved his life.

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Two Wyoming Students Mauled By Grizzly Outside of Cody; One Tried to Pull Grizzly Off Of Friend

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Two athletes from Northwest College in Powell are recovering from serious injuries suffered in a grizzly bear attack on Saturday outside of Cody. When one of the athletes saw the grizzly attacking his friend, he attacked the grizzly with his bare hands and tried to pull it off of him.

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Six Years After Bison Placed In Minivan, Wildlife Officials Plead With Public To Leave Animals Alone

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Wildlife officials have sent out a reminder that “rescuing” wild animals is a bad idea. Six years ago, tourists placed a bison calf in their minivan because they thought it looked cold. Days later the calf was euthanized because the mother abandoned it.

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