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Uh-Oh: Lander’s Snowblower Breaks Down, Leaving Mountains Of Snow In Middle Of Roads

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Photos courtesy, Mike Kusiek

What happens when a town’s only industrial snowblower breaks down in the middle of a particularly snowy winter? That’s happening in Lander right now and some townspeople are really upset about it while others are saying just “chill.”

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Despite The Sub-Zero Temps, Wyoming Delivery Drivers Still Getting The Job Done

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Paul Davies of Laramie delivers an order Wednesday as the temperature plummets. (Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily)

Roads are closed, streets are snowy and wind chills are reaching dangerous levels. But delivery drivers are still out there providing services to people in their warm homes.

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Don’t Want To Be A Wyoming Roadside Popsicle? Goose Down And Butter Might Save You

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As the entire state is expected to be below zero by Thursday, it’s wise not to go out. If you must, make sure your car is packed with the essentials: a sleeping bag for each person in the car, high-calorie food, warm drinks, and a few sticks of butter.

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All Of Wyoming To Get Blasted By Arctic Blast; Snow, High Winds, Dangerous Wind Chills Expected

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Here we go… All of Wyoming will feel the brunt of an impending winter storm, says Cowboy State Daily meteorologist Don Day said, with much of the state getting between 6 – 12 inches of snow. High winds and dangerous wind chills are expected as well.

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