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Feds Want To Put Tracking Devices On Big Rigs; Gov’t Could Access Data Whenever They Want

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Kevin Killough, Cowboy State Daily

The Department of Transportation is proposing a new rule that would require all commercial trucks to have tracking devices installed and the data would be accessible to law enforcement whenever they want it.

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Public Safety Shortage: WYDOT Down 71 Snowplow Drivers, 50 Highway Patrol Troopers

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In the face of an extreme shortage of personnel, the Wyoming Department of Transportation is having to triage highway safety, making difficult decisions that will leave some roads unplowed after snow events and some fender-benders without an attending officer.

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Experts Question ‘Green’ Claims For Electric Vehicles

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Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Widespread EV adoption would require rare earth minerals which are in short supply in the United States. Importing the minerals spark ethical questions as rare earth minerals extraction overseas often involves child slave labor and can damage the environment.

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